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Announcing Apple Peek Performance Event on 8th March

Announcing Apple Peek Performance Event on 8th March

Apple is all set to host the annual Announcing Apple Peek Performance Event on 8th March, iPhone makers announced it on Wednesday.,

The journey for Apple has been quite transformative for a couple of years, especially when it announced that it will produce its silicon chips. The chips leave all its competitors including Intel out of the core. Well, getting back to the peek performance event, the company is expected to launch a lower-cost version of the popular iPhone with 5G. Isn’t it amazing news!

Looking ahead to the Spring event, let us find out the four amazing Apple Products is going to reveal in its peek performance event.

These are the Apple Peak Performance Products

  1. iPhone SE (Version 2022)

SE, I told you…Yes, it is finally coming up. The 3rd generation iPhone SE will give you goosebumps. Given in the three finishes that includes midnight, starlight and red, the new generation will feature the latest A15 bionic chip.

This is going to be the third iteration of the affordable iPhone following the second generation and the first one launched in 2016. With the introduction of the A15 Bionic chip, you can leverage the benefits like improved battery life, enhanced camera, better picture quality, efficiency and more.

  1. iPad Air (2022)

Apple launches the most powerful iPad Air that features 5G connectivity, M1 chip, new front camera and centre stage. There will be plenty of colors including blue, pink, purple, starlight. It is the most versatile iPad Air ever!

Apple kept the same US$699 starting price for the 64 GB entry-level model and US$749 for the 256 GB configuration. If you are looking forward to buying an iPad (9th Gen) or even other models, you can reach out to us!

  1. 3. Mac Studio

It is another popular desktop that Apple offers! It offers an outrageous performance, has great connectivity and has the capability of an amazingly compact form. It features the ultra M1 chip. With the M1 ultra, the performance is expected to be double as it fuses two M1 Max chips with a new architecture that is called the Ultra fusion.

  1. 27-Inch Studio Display

Featuring the 5k resolution, true tone technology and ambient light conditions, it is the game changer and the most loved gadget. It features a 12 MP  ultrawide camera with Hey Siri”, Center Stage, and Spatial Audio. The studio display will start for US$1, 599 and a nanotextured glass that will cost an even pricier US$1,899.

Apple might also surprise you with something bigger than no one expects. The event is truly going to be a high-performance business market show and we are excited and look forward to the same!

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