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History of Apple

History of Apple

History of Apple

It has been 45 years since Apple launched as a brand and now it is the most popular and trusted brand in technology all over the world. Apple products are deemed as an essential necessity amongst youth and old people alike. It shows a class to use Iphone. Apple was first introduced in 1976. But do you want to know how it all started? Let us take a look at the history of Apple and the making of the high class and most sought after brand name.

Back in 1976, computers were as big as a room. On April 2, 1976, Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne,t Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who both had a vision to change the way people looked at computers. They both wanted to commercialize computers, make them small and affordable enough so laymen can use them in home and offices. In the history of Apple the First Apple logo was influenced by Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of Gravity. The second Apple logo was a rainbow apple and the same shape used as the present logo but in black.

First, they created Apple One which only sold as a circuit board and did not come with a keyboard or case. Apple gained just enough sales to start building Apple 2. Apple 2 was introduced in 1977 which was a highly modified version of Apple 1 and it came with a built-in keyboard and a case along with floppy disk drives. But a war broke out with IBM as in 1980, they introduced their own PC. Apple then went xerox perc and used their GUI for future products.

Apple then released Apple 3 and Lisa which both failed but now was the time when Apple would release a computer which would change how people saw computers forever. On January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs unveiled Macintosh in front of a huge audience which was received with a thunderous applause. The applause lasted for over a minute. It was marketed as the computer for the rest of us referring to non-DOS users. It sold well at the time.

In 1985, Steve Jobs was forced out of his own company by board member John Sculley due to a power struggle. All of the board members sided with Sculley.In1987, Apple released the Macintosh II.

The first Mac to have colour graphics. Other variants of Mac were also released as MAC LC standing for Low Cost and MAC SE standing for System Expansion. In the early 90s, Apple decided to give it a shot at making a portable mac. The first time they failed horribly with the Macintosh Portable. It was anything but portable. It was so heavy and inconvenient. But Apple got right the next time with the Powerbook 100.

The Apple v/s IBM battle continued, not only in sales but also in advertising. Apple started to lose game thanks to Windows 3.0 GUI.In 1994, Apple partnered with IBM to develop PowerPC processors. The Power mac line was a direct result of this. Window 95 had the ability to connect to internet and Apple’s overproduction too cost them a lot of money. After Apple CEO Gil buys NEXT, Steve Jobs returns as CEO and partners with Microsoft

In July 1998, Jobs and Jonathan saved Apple. iMac was released which could connect to Internet and had USB ports. Next year Apple released laptop named iBook which later comes into Macbook and Macbook Air now. Then they went on to release OS but it did not work well. Thus the history of apple created.

In 2007, first iPhone was introduced. It left an everlasting impact that is seen even now. They went on to release iTunes. iPhone 2 and iPhone 3 and so on.In 2011, Steve Jobs died and many people showed respect by bringing flowers to Apple Retail stores. In India, you can find iAspire stores who are certified resellers of apple products iphone 13 pro is the Latest Launch of Apple.

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