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The Impact of COVID-19 on Apple Industry!

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread around the world and there is no industry left unaffected. The sales, supply chain, production has severely been impacted and one of the major industry is Apple. Whether it is India, the USA, China, South Korea, Apple production has been affected in every part of the world. 


Research says that Apple revenue has been dropped by 3.8% in 2020 with an impact on the supply chain. Also as the stores were closed, it reduced the market demand to an extent. As now every country has slowly started its operations, Apple continues to operate keeping everyone’s safety in mind. 

Here is a blog that depicts all the information about the Apple devices, their impact on the market, and what is the company doing to be one of the robust market competitors. 

Impact of Covid-19 on the Apple Sales

When the COVID-19 infection began to spread in 2020, Apple had to shut all their retail stores, offices, corporate offices, service centers, etc. For about two months the stores were closed and in March it slowly began to reopen. But there were restrictions such as timings, weekend curfew, travel bans that led to less traffic in the stores. 

Apple and supply chain began moving the supply chain out of India china and nearly shifted all their facilities to countries like Taiwan and India. 

Apple’s Response to the Pandemic
  1. Began with Store closures It began with the store’s closure when there was an outbreak. In the very first place, Apple along with other competitors had to shut down their stores until further notice. When the whole world was struggling with the pandemic, China was virus-free and continued to resume all its operations. All other developed companies had to face closure and huge economic losses. A few employees were only coming to take care of the scheduled pickups and repair work! In March Apple had a goal of watching its revenue of $63 to $67 billion but unfortunately was not able to meet its goals. It only had a reporting revenue of $58.3 billion during the whole quarter.
  2. Working from HomeWell, not only did the production and sales were hit but the development side was too hit badly. As the staff was encouraged to work from home, this was something not working for Apple. All engineers working on the new and unreleased products had to visit the campus then as they were supposed to maintain privacy and unreleased products could not leave the site. Working conditions were impacting the employees and there were more and more complaints from the customers and employees both. The efficiency was not the same and this left a burden on their heads as well as for the company.
  3. Looking ahead and beyond the virus! Every small change in the cancellation, rescheduling of the products, and others impacted the company but together they dealt with it all! Ultimately the pandemic will pass, things will go to normal and everyone can of course has a smoother life. But today’s there is an impact on both the society and the company. Apple itself will surely be seen in how it handles itself in the future!

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